Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just hook up to the city tap water and charge for it?

Although, some people may think this, the answer is no. Our machines have a multi-stage filtration system that treats the water before it comes out of our machines.

Are your machines certified?

Yes, our machines are NAMA certified which is a highly accredited safety and quality standard setting organization. We also comply (and most times surpass) local city and state regulations.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.

How often are your machines serviced?

Each time the technician arrives to a location, the technician performs a full service on the machine, including: testing the water, changing filters , cleaning the machine, installing upgrades and whatever else is needed to provide outstanding customer service.

What about my In-Store Water Sales?

Arjencia Water customers are looking for bulk water and typically have a 1 gallon or larger container. Our service will bring customers to your store for bulk water but you will still retain the "convenience" water sales.

Plus, we can provide retail-ready empty bottles that you can sell to your customers. We can provide all types and styles of bottles along with display racks, water coolers and dispensing crocks.

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Filtration video
Filtration Process Video

The video above illustrates the intricate six step filtration process inside our vending machines.

Water Station
Our Vending Machine Gallery

You can rely on our vending machines to produce great tasting clean water. Check out our display of property installations in our gallery.

Certificates & Accolades

Our vending machines built to provide quality drinking water.

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